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Power Wheel Chair P-103

Battery operted Wheelchair In India
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Our model No P-103 of Battery Operated Wheelchairis specially designed to make disabled person very independent and liberatedin terms of mobility. It also has a good load bearing capability and sturdiness although it is very light in weight.We put in state-of-the-art lithium battery to offer a drive of 20km distance and it is moreover easy to charge.It is given multi-functional microprocessor that precisely indicates battery charge level besides speed.

This high functionality merchandise offer great rapidity in movement. The effortless foldable feature makes this product ideal for transportation along with storing. The M.O.C of this wheel chair frame is high grade robust aluminum that is coated with excellent quality epoxy powder.

This product of our is totally comfy and safein nature because of cushion padded seat other than easy to adjust arm &foot restas well as safety belt for complete safekeeping.It likewise has automatic magnetic brake sustained with proficient high torque motors plus brake release handles. It can be moved up and down the slope with individuality and protection. For further safety and security it also is given horn switch.

It is specially designed to offer smooth, safeindoor &outdoor movement. Moreover it correspondingly has adjustable desk.Our Lightweight Motorised Wheelchairis totally easy to use and is also accessible at inexpensive prices.